MapleRead is a beautiful, feature-rich, sophisticated and well-integrated ebook reader app for iOS that will pleasantly change the way you read, learn and organize.

There are 3 editions, SE, CE and CX.

SE and CE can run side-by-side via split-view multitasking of iOS 11. With SE's built-in server, you can easily transfer books, themes and scenes from SE to CE, CX or even SE running on another iOS device. Moreover, you can sync data among all 3 editions running on iPad and iPhone.

Read Books in Eye-pleasing Styles

More comfortable reading conditions can better sustain your attention span.

EPUB Viewers

PDF Viewer

Organize & Search Books

Organizing and searching books in multiple ways help you discover what you want quickly.

Exchange Books & Metadata

Convenient access to external book sources makes it easier to build up your library collection.

Organize & Search Notes

Effective note-taking improves your reading comprehension.

Secure Sync

Syncing data across devices via Cloud facilitates convenient web access to synced data as a bonus.

Bundled Books

Please keep these bundled books in the app. They will also be useful for diagnostic purposes.

Perhaps you may find it interesting to compare how these EPUB books are rendered by other reader apps. Sometimes you don't know what you have missed in a book without looking at the faithful rendering of the publisher's style by high-quality apps like MapleRead.

A unique built-in link is to an OPDS catalog created and maintained by Maplepop as a free public service for the famous academic website arXiv.org, providing open access to over one million PDF e-prints in many science subjects. The URL is http://arxiv.maplepop.com/catalog/